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Ginbey Gin – 700 ml.


Crafted in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, this harmonious gin is meticulously distilled with 14 botanicals, capturing the essence of Lebanese terroir and traditions. Enjoy the captivating taste of GinBey.


GinBey Gin, crafted at Domaine des Tourelles winery in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, is a testament to the dedication and expertise of winemaker Faouzi Issa. This exquisite blend represents years of meticulous research and hard work.

Combining 14 handpicked botanicals, GinBey’s foundation includes juniper and coriander seeds, complemented by a harmonious blend of citrus, florals, and spices, all sourced from the vibrant landscape of Lebanon.

A labor of love, a portion of the botanicals undergoes a 24-hour steeping process in 400-liter copper stills, infusing the spirit with rich flavors. The final gin is then meticulously rested in traditional clay jars, imparting a remarkable finesse and roundness to the spirit.

GinBey Gin is a celebration of Lebanese terroir and traditions, presenting a unique and captivating flavor profile. From the heart of the Bekaa Valley to the world, GinBey embodies the dedication to craftsmanship and the harmonious blend of the finest botanicals, offering gin enthusiasts an unparalleled journey of taste and discovery.

Weight1350 g
Dimensions10.5 × 10.5 × 20 cm


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