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Levantine Oak Aged Gin – 700 ml.


Levantine Oak Aged Gin is a harmonious fusion of red wine STR cask maturation. Subtle vanilla, lemon, and juniper flavors create a medium-bodied, gently oaked gin with a long, citrusy finish. Exquisite craftsmanship from Israel’s M&H Distillery.


Levantine Oak Aged Gin undergoes a unique aging process in red wine STR casks, resulting in a distinctive blend of flavors. Delicate oak and vanilla harmonize with juniper and lemon, creating a captivating aroma. The medium-bodied gin offers subtle oak notes, complemented by citrus and spices. The finish is long and lemony, leaving herbaceous impressions alongside a gentle oak essence.

M&H Distillery, Israel’s pioneering whisky distillery, is behind this exceptional gin. Founded with a commitment to quality and respect for whisky-making traditions, M&H enlisted the renowned Dr. Jim Swan as a master distiller. The dedication to perfection extends to every aspect of production, from custom-made copper pot stills to meticulous quality control. This award-winning gin carries M&H’s innovative spirit, captivating palates around the world and sharing their bold story with every sip.

Weight1500 g
Dimensions10.5 × 10.5 × 35 cm


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