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Levantine Single Malt Peated Cask Gin – 700 ml.


Levantine Oak Aged Gin is a harmonious fusion of red wine STR cask maturation. Subtle vanilla, lemon, and juniper flavors create a medium-bodied, gently oaked gin with a long, citrusy finish. Exquisite craftsmanship from Israel’s M&H Distillery.


Levantine Single Malt Peated Cask Gin stands as a true testament to the artistry and innovation of M&H Distillery. This unique gin embodies a distinct smoky flavor, achieved through aging in ex-Islay casks from Scotland. Crafted with the same exquisite botanicals as Levantine gin, it offers a captivating sensory journey.

The aroma entices with notes of ripe orange, luscious peach jam, and toasted sage leaves, setting the stage for a palate that unveils Persian lemon, warming cinnamon, and a delicate buttery essence. As the journey culminates, the finish leaves an impression of Syrian oregano, star anise, and a lingering peat smoke, a nod to its peated cask maturation.

Levantine Single Malt Peated Cask Gin is a celebration of boldness and craftsmanship, skillfully blending the heritage of Israel’s first whisky distillery with the allure of Islay’s smoky whisky tradition. This distinct creation carries the M&H legacy forward, captivating gin enthusiasts worldwide with its exceptional flavors and unparalleled character.

Weight1500 g
Dimensions10.5 × 10.5 × 35 cm


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