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O’17 Gin – 700 ml.


Smooth and clear Lebanese gin with juniper, zesty lime, and sweet orange, complemented by refreshing grapefruit. Classic palate with hints of coriander and nutmeg, crafted with passion and expertise.


O’17 Gin presents a smooth and clear Lebanese gin, artfully crafted with a harmonious blend of juniper, zesty lime, and sweet orange, wrapped in refreshing grapefruit notes. Classic on the palate, it reveals hints of coriander and nutmeg, offering a delightful experience.

The story of O’17 unfolds during the Covid-19 lockdown, where five individuals united by chance, their shared passion for gin, and their love for Lebanon’s October 17 revolution. Investing in a vapor infused distillation unit in 2018, the creators ensured a unique and gentle extraction of flavors from a thoughtfully selected array of local and imported botanicals.

O’17 Gin’s unmatched quality lies in the meticulous process, balanced botanicals, and the expertise developed over years of distillation and blending. Embodying the essence of their nation’s revolutionary spirit, O’17 Gin stands as a testament to passion, creativity, and the art of crafting exceptional gin.

Weight1350 g
Dimensions10.5 × 10.5 × 20 cm


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