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Old Pilot’s London Dry Gin – 700 ml.


Born from the passion of two pilots and crafted in their Croatian micro-distillery, it combines the finest Croatian botanicals including juniper, orange, lavender, sage, angelica, and olive leaves. Distilled with care, each bottle reflects their commitment to quality, authenticity, and the pursuit of unique flavors.


Embark on a journey with Old Pilot’s London Dry Gin, a testament to the shared passion of two pilots turned distillers. What began as a friendship and an exciting hobby has transformed into a devotion to crafting exceptional spirits. In their Croatian micro-distillery, known as “Duh u boci,” every step of the process, from distillation to aging, bottling, and sealing, is meticulously executed by their own hands.

Old Pilot’s Gin is an exquisite expression of their artistry. Distilled with a careful selection of all-natural Croatian botanicals, including juniper, orange, lavender, sage, angelica, and olive leaves, each bottle is a testament to their dedication to quality. The unique recipe for this London Dry Gin, created amidst the skies, infuses it with a sense of adventure and wonder.

At Distillery Duh u boci, the focus is on producing premium quality spirits. Their small batch approach and attention to detail ensure that only the highest quality products make their way into each bottle. With a commitment to authenticity and unwillingness to compromise, Old Pilot’s London Dry Gin delivers exceptional quality and unique flavors that capture the essence of their craft.

Experience the passion, precision, and artistry that define Old Pilot’s London Dry Gin, a spirit that takes you on a captivating flight of flavors.

Weight1500 g
Dimensions10.5 × 10.5 × 35 cm


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